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Fujitsu 8.5kw ASTG-AOTG30KMTC Reverse Cycle Lifestyle Range

Ideal for large rooms. With energy management features such as Human Sensor Control, economy mode, and weekly timers, the Lifestyle range makes indoor comfort easy and cost-effective.

Product description

Why Choose Our Lifestyle Range?

The Lifestyle range of wall mounted air conditioning units combine a sleek, modern design with efficient, intelligent features. With a matte finish and smooth edges, it blends seamlessly with any home’s interior.

Simple Comfort Control

Ideal comfort can be enabled via the easy-to-use wireless remote controller. Super-quiet mode means the indoor fan operates at low speed to produce less noise. Powerful operating mode allows the system to reach the temperature setting quickly.

R32 Refrigerant – Lower GWP

Refrigerants play a vital role in how an air conditioner works. Compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant, R32 has a 67 per cent1 lower ‘Global Warming Potential (GWP) Factor’ whilst still maintaining the performance of the unit.

Energy Efficient

The Lifestyle range models are some of the most energy-efficient heating/cooling systems Fujitsu has designed. With built-in energy management features like human sensor control, economy mode and weekly timers, your home will be more comfortable and affordable all year round.

Wi-Fi Compatible

A selection of the Lifestyle models are compatible with the plug-in Fujitsu General Wi-Fi adaptor, a discreet solution that allows the unit to be controlled by anywhere by smartphone or table using the free myanywAiR app.

Human Sensor Control

All models in the Lifestyle range contain human sensor control, an intelligent feature which detects the movement of people to deliver optimum efficiency and temperature control. When in operation, if the sensor detects no movement in a room after 20 minutes, the unit will automatically switch to energy-saving operation, modifying temperature to minimise energy consumption. When movement is detected within the room, the unit reverts back to its previous setting.

Air Quality

Fujitsu’s Apple-Catechin filter maintains indoor
air quality by using the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples to absorb fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful microorganisms by static electricity to inhibit and deactivate further growth. Our filters contribute to a fresher and cleaner living environment for you and your family.

Fujitsu 8.5kw ASTG-AOTG30KMTC Reverse Cycle Lifestyle Range

Fujitsu 8.5kw ASTG-AOTG30KMTC Reverse Cycle Lifestyle Range