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Fujitsu 7.1kw ASTH-AOTH24KNTA Reverse Cycle Comfort Range

Ideal for large rooms. With energy management features such as Human Sensor Control, economy mode, and weekly timers, the Lifestyle range makes indoor comfort easy and cost-effective.

Product description

Why Choose Our Comfort Range?

The Comfort range of wall mounted air conditioning units is the latest solution for energy efficient, all-year-round climate control for the home. With an award-winning design, the Comfort range is a reliable and trusted solution with a selection of options to suit almost any room.

Award-Winning Design

The Comfort range has been awarded the Good Design Award (ASTH12/14) from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Highly desirable recognition of good design, the Comfort range indoor units are compact and feature a modern aesthetic, making them a subtle solution for indoor comfort in a wide variety of interiors.

Energy Saving

Fujitsu air conditioners display the Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). The star ratings reflect how the air conditioner will perform over three distinct climate zones across Australia (HOT, AVERAGE and COLD) and allows an annual electricity figure to be calculated. The Comfort range has an average energy performance of up to 5 stars in a HOT climate in cooling mode.

50° Celsius Operation

The Comfort range has an increased cooling operation range up to 50oC ambient temperature and improved heating capacity in low outdoor temperatures.

R32 Refrigerant – Lower GWP Factor

Refrigerants play a vital role in how an air conditioner works. Compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant, R32 has a 67 per cent1 lower ‘Global Warming Potential (GWP) Factor’ whilst still maintaining air conditioner performance.

Powerful Operation

When powerful mode is activated, the air conditioner will operate at maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed for 20 minutes to assist in cooling or heating the room quicker and achieving the optimum comfort levels faster than when running in standard operation.

Simple Comfort Control

Ideal comfort can be enabled via the easy-to-use wireless remote controller. Super-quiet mode means the indoor fan operates at low speed to produce less noise. Powerful operating mode allows the system to reach the temperature setting quickly and precise temperature control enables the set temperature to be adjusted in 0.5°C increments.

Fujitsu 7.1kw ASTH-AOTH24KNTA Reverse Cycle Comfort Range

Fujitsu 7.1kw ASTH-AOTH24KNTA Reverse Cycle Comfort Range